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Following the departure of our previous Minister to the Highlands, a Vacancy Committee has been formed and is in the process of considering applicates for the position of Minister with our Church.

An Interim Minister the Revd. Dr. Lee Raynor has been appointed.




Congregational Churches are run and managed locally, with the congregation having responsibility for decisions that are taken. Normally local congregations appoint leaders (deacons or elders) to oversee the affairs of the church. Currently our leaders are:

Office Bearers and Trustees

Minister: Vacant

Church Secretary:  Dave Fairgrieve

Church Treasurer:  Stella Allan

Property Convener: Dave Brown


Stella Allan; Dave Brown; Liz Bushnell; Don Clark (Church Manager); Lilian Crouthers; Dave Fairgrieve; David Galloway; Irene Huthcison; Erica Kirkhope; Sylvia Muir. 

Honorary Deacons

The church has a number of honorary (retired) deacons who have contributed to the life of the congregation over the years.

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