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Pathhead EU Congregational Church

Pathhead Congregational Church formally came into being in the autumn of 1867 with 23 members. In 1869 it was agreed that a chapel should be built, and this was completed and opened for worship in 1871.


The reasons for the establishing of the church were many and varied. Kirkcaldy was expanding as an industrial town, there was also great theological debate and division across the nation. Initially the Pathhead Church was a member of the Evangelical Union.

Some of the founding members of the congregation had been members of the Kirkcaldy Congregational Church and though, clearly there were tensions, there was to be reconciliation as both churches became members of the newly formed Congregational Union of Scotland in the 1890s.

The church flourished and grew, playing a significant role within the Pathhead community, with activities for adults and children led by a succession of ministers and local leaders.

There was a setback in the 1950's when a neighbouring industrial building caught fire and the church suffered extensive damage. However a major repair and refurbishment was undertaken and the church reopened to take its place in the local community.

Like many churches the latter part of the 20th century saw a period of sustained decline, although a committed core continued to serve faithfully. Eventually following conversations with the West End Congregation the churches merged, with the town centre building being chosen for the continued work.

With the union of the congregations the Pathhead building was sold to become a centre for film making and the arts.

Pathhead Church
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